Objective independent and sales-promoting

Objective, independent and sales-promoting

While determining the right value of a real estate, there are two extremes: If the real estate is overvalued, the seller is perceived by the customer as unrealistic. Today, in addition to investors and brokers, there are individual buyers, who observe the market very closely and can assess the value of a real estate at first glance.

A real estate, which is overvalued in the relevant demand market, remains as a catalogue product, and it is no longer demanded. With my life, your real estate will be valued professionally, and free of charge, so it does not present any such risk.

On the other hand, if a real estate is undervalued, then people would think that it has a “defect”. Such a property is quickly recognized by the demand market, and the number of buyers asking about these properties is always less than those who ask about a properly valued property. In such a case, the threat is rather the loss which the proprietor might incur as a result of wrong valuation, i.e. selling at a lower price, than the lack of demand.

We endeavor to determine a market-oriented and the best possible price for your real estate when selling. You can rely on our expertise and our professionalism. You can be sure that, based on the valuation made by my life, your real estate will be positioned in the market with the right value.